July 15, 2022

CEO Insights: How Email Will Shape the Future of Marketing

The future of email and the future of marketing go hand-in-hand. Especially with changing consumer behaviors, the death of the third-party cookie, and a growing need for personalization, email will be invaluable to survival.

That’s why, in a new post from Website Planet, five tech founders and CEOs shared their insights about using email to future-proof your business.

“In the future, every marketer or every publisher will need to come up with a way to ‘own their audience’ by having that one-on-one relationship with them,” said Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of Jeeng. “In order to survive, you will need to take back control from Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple, and ultimately do that in a cross-channel way.”

That’s where marketing automation platforms like Jeeng can help.

“Our product vision and overall strategy is a multi-channel, personalized messaging platform for publishers that automatically delivers the right content over the right channel to the right person at the right time to maximize engagement,” Kupietzky added. “We’re super excited about that future, where we can help publishers increase the relevancy of their content, attract more engaged end users, and do it in a way that directly grows their revenue.”

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