August 4, 2020

How Jeeng Helped Cerium Marketing Start a New Email Venture

Cerium Marketing operates a successful email publishing business, sending out newsletters to more than 1 million subscribers twice a day.

In the past, the company drove revenue by using an email monetization method that revolved around selling exclusives, but this method is quite risky. Even though it served as a way to make money quickly, it was not the best way for them to build a sustainable email monetization strategy. It resulted in complaints and unsubscribes, and it damaged audience trust. This method was putting their email lists at risk.

In order to monetize email newsletters more easily and effectively, they began working with Jeeng. Thanks to our platform’s automation and targeting capabilities, Cerium Marketing could generate even more revenues from emails while also saving company resources. Thus, with the help of the Jeeng platform, Cerium Marketing launched PostBox US: a full-service email concierge service.

Learn more about how working with Jeeng helped Cerium Marketing get PostBox US off the ground in our latest case study.


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