July 5, 2016

Publishers: Is Facebook Freaking You Out?

Don’t Panic! Your Ad Secret is Safe with Us

Just as publishers had begun to sort of, a little, barely (but not really) get comfortable with Facebook’s Instant Articles—which takes traffic away from native ads on publishers’ pages—the platform has just made things worse for publishers yet again.

Back in April, the platform began allowing publishers to share branded content (i.e. native ads) on their Facebook pages. This sounded like great news, allowing publishers to maximize reach and revenue across multiple platforms.

But in a new twist, the platform is now requiring publishers to tag the brand in the post, revealing that it is, in fact, advertiser content and, by default, giving brands access to publishers’ behind-the-scenes metrics like reach, clicks and cost-per-click.

The secret is out…

Not only does this significantly erode ad effectiveness, screaming “THIS IS AN AD!” to page visitors, but it’s also essentially lifting the veil on publishers’ proprietary advertising programs. With advertisers now able to see exactly what publishers are paying per click (and with simple math, how much they’re profiting from advertisers), it’s going to make it extremely hard for publishers to justify the “premium” they earn from brands for placing native ads on Facebook. After all, brands could easily just bypass the publisher and buy placements directly from Facebook.

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

This is yet another perfect example of the risks involved with advertising on social platforms. As we’ve covered before, placing ads on social platforms puts you very much at the mercy of the platform—they make the rules and largely control the content and distribution. That means any change to their policy or procedures leaves both publishers and their advertisers scrambling to adapt.

Not so with email. By placing native ads within email newsletters and marketing campaigns with Jeeng AdServe, YOU make the rules. YOU control the content and YOU control the distribution. Better yet, the ads are delivered to a prime, highly valuable audience: subscribers who have already raised their hands to say they’re interested in what you have to share. They trust the content, because they trust you.

Not only is dynamic email advertising with Jeeng AdServe guaranteed to deliver the right message to the right audience with an advertising program that puts you in the driver’s seat, you also don’t have to worry about us lifting the veil on your programs. Only you have access to the performance metrics and details that reveal who clicked, on what and when, and how much revenue is generated. What you do with that data – share it in raw form with advertisers, or not—is entirely your choice.

While there’s certainly value in reaching the social audience, it’s also critically important to keep in mind exactly at what risk and what cost. With Jeeng AdServe, there’s no risk and no cost—a major win for both you and your advertisers. Learn more now!