August 5, 2020

4 Factors for Advertisers to Choose Publishers to Spend With

Our CEO, Jeff Kupietzky, recently contributed a bylined article to MarTech Series about how advertisers should choose publishers to spend with. 

He started out discussing how brand advertisers have a wide variety of options open to them when it comes to reaching consumers. But most advertisers put too much focus on the demographics and behaviors of the target audience when deciding which publishers to advertise with.

While that is important, it’s not the only point brands should keep in mind. There are 4 things advertisers should consider:

  1. Does the publisher target email subscribers or do they rely solely on cookies?
  2. Does the publisher use a multichannel approach?
  3. Does the publisher prioritize precise ad personalization?
  4. Is the publisher trusted by their audience?

Keeping these 4 factors in mind is key to finding the right fit. By creating relationships based on these points, both brands and publishers can increase audience engagement and generate more revenue while providing excellent user experiences.

Learn more about the 4 factors advertisers should consider when choosing publishers to spend with. Read the full article here. 


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