August 30, 2018

How to Increase Email Engagement with Jeeng

Ah, the ever-eluding email engagement. For every publisher out there, it’s getting more demanding every day to stand out from the heaps of content (whether it’s editorial or promotional) their audiences set their eyes on. The struggle is real even if the solution is fairly obvious: engage target audiences with relevant and personalized content and add more value. Whatever email engagement tips and tricks you try, it would fundamentally change the outlook.

That’s where Jeeng steps in to save the day. We give your audiences the personalized experience they’ve come to expect (and deserve, I might add) every time. Let me explain how to increase email engagement in a few simple steps.

Why you need help with email engagement

It’s no secret that social media hurt digital publishers, whether they want to admit it or not. Almost overnight, audiences got an outlet where they can easily scroll through countless content in a relaxing environment. The publishers quickly jumped the bandwagon, making the mistake of relying almost exclusively on organic traffic from these social networks, leaving them at the whim of the likes of Facebook and others. Not a good email engagement strategy, right?

With economic survival in question, publishers made a strong push in 2018 to increase revenue through subscriptions and paid content. Among the top objectives was audience engagement, seen as a crucial part of helping publishers take control. Compared to other digital channels, email comes out as a winner for one specific reason: subscribers give you their permission to reach out to them as soon as they hit that “Subscribe” button.

Publishing Executive

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The inbox is the most treasured and private piece of online real estate. It’s also one of the busiest, with numerous businesses fighting for attention. The question is: how to engage your subscribers amidst this fast-paced digital consumption?

Charm your subscribers with personalization and dynamic content

How to increase click-through rate on email is a constant challenge. I get that. What you have to understand is that the best publishers routinely deliver highly personalized and dynamic content that is distinct to the email channel.

When talking about email engagement, it’s hard not to mention personalization. Despite its tangible results, many businesses still move at a snail’s pace. While it seems the issue isn’t ignorance of the benefits, there’s still some confusion as how to implement it.

Jeeng is uniquely positioned to help publishers create a powerful multi-channel engagement (not just email) and monetization strategy with our cross-platform solutions. We can optimize direct sold, backfill, and on-site monetization through personalized ad content that resonates with your subscribers and helps you connect and cultivate long-term relationships.

Our smart personalization algorithm hands over precisely targeted content based on deep audience intelligence in order to maximize engagement and ultimately, drive revenue. The same principle is used to personalize with dynamic content. That way, your audience can enjoy fresh ad content over and over without the risk of fatigue.

You can increase email engagement with Jeeng with our two solutions:

  • Email Monetization
  • Jeeng AdServe

Email Monetization maximizes engagement and provides higher revenue by offering relevant third-party content through display and native ads in various units. Essentially, you get paid for your traffic with ads that are optimized for each user and device. There are no fees and no commitment, we can get you up and running in less than 20 minutes with zero upfront cost, all the hard work done (development and QA testing), no minimums and guaranteed ROI. Track email engagement metrics and daily performance such as unique impressions, clicks, CTR, RPM, and more.

Here’s how ABC handles content recommendation blocks in their email newsletter:

ABC email engagement

On the other hand, if you already have an ad buying unit, take a look at our Jeeng AdServe. You can build a conduit from ad servers for web into email and effortlessly manage inventory, delivery, reporting and forecasting from one central program. Detailed CPM-style tracking for email ad impressions allows you to optimize between direct sold and backfill based on minimum RPM. In addition, complete integration with all online ad servers like DFP allows you to maximize audience engagement so you can deliver contextually targeted, personalized content and multimedia experiences across the board.

Why Jeeng?

The bottom line is this: Jeeng works seamlessly with all platforms, devices and ESPs. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to distribute more than 10 billion pieces of live content every month to 95+ million inboxes with partners such as the Seattle Times, Hearst, Bonnier, and others if that wasn’t the case. Each month, we wind up with 4+ billion impressions.

Jeeng leverages email-based user profile data for precise targeting and personalization. Our proven monetization ecosystem presents native and display ads that, simply put, make you money. And you don’t have to break a sweat: our simplifying ad program management makes it easy to keep tabs on your success, manage creatives and placements, and combine billing for a much simpler and efficient experience to maximize revenue and ROI.

Check out this video with our CEO, Jeff Kupietzky, on how publishers can save resources:

These days, publisher’s bread and butter depends on their digital presence and the ability to effectively reach out to subscribers and engage them. In our opinion, digital publishing has seen way too many uncertainties in 2018. You need to know what content works best and have the proper tool in place to get it out to your subscribers, targeted at the right place at the right time(s).

All it takes is one small HTML code inserted into the email template at a desired placement to make your email stand out among the competition and excite your audience with attention-grabbing, live-on-the-open multimedia content. Tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen. It’s that simple.