In the News | October 27, 2019

Looking for an OAS Ad Server Alternative? Look No Further!

As you may have heard, Open AdStream’s Ad Server is shutting down. If you’re relying on OAS Ad Server as an ad server, you’re going to quickly need to find an alternative.

Luckily PowerInbox can help replace the OAS ad server and give publishers the power to effectively manage their direct advertisement campaigns via both the web and email from a common, easy-to-use interface. Below we’ll run through some of the key elements of PowerInbox, and how they can help you move on from - and move past - Open AdStream.

Replacing OAS Ad Server with PowerInbox’s AdServer for Email

The PowerInbox AdServer for Email is a powerful tool for managing your organization’s email advertising efforts. The AdServer offers a number of critical tools for managing your email marketing campaign, including powerful tools to integrate your email marketing chain with the direct marketing you are doing through other channels. Our real-time system gives you direct views into monetization that build upon the statistics and metrics you came to rely upon with Open AdStream, while going further in helping you to visualize the efficacy of your advertising efforts.

Using PowerInbox As A Base

PowerInbox, as an alternative to OAS’s ad server, brings you an established group of advertising and tech professionals to help drive your advertising needs. As an established online advertising network operator, PowerInbox has encountered a number of the problems you are most likely to work through as you move between platforms and optimize your pipeline. 

Building Your Email Campaign

The true power of PowerInbox comes in our email integration. Using our proprietary tech, we’re able to not only serve your ads across a number of different mail providers, but also improve engagement and interaction with your creative content. Then, once you’ve achieved the impact you are after with your ads, you can improve your returns by incorporating PowerInbox’s email monetization. Our AdServer for Email  helps you accelerate your advertising efforts by grabbing the client while you have their focus, and therefore accomplishing your call to action as easy as possible.

Native Advertising and Platform Integrations

With PowerInbox, you’ll also have the ability to easily expand to - and integrate with - other marketing channels. We have extensive support for device push notifications, as well as the ability to integrate with mobile and web-based advertisement campaigns throughout our network. You’ll be able to integrate views of these notifications and web ads with the management statistics of your other campaigns, allowing you to quickly pivot as needed to ensure the right message reaches the right people.


While Open AdStream’s Ad Server shutting down has certainly caused an uproar since their acquisition by AppNexus, there are powerful alternatives like PowerInbox that can help alleviate the anxiety. By migrating to the PowerInbox AdServer for Email, you’ll be able to easily create and track cross-platform ad campaigns, covering everything from push notifications to email marketing. With PowerInbox, you’ll be able to measure and improve upon the success of your advertising campaigns, driving higher-quality leads and improving user engagement with your creative content.