January 13, 2021

MADTech: Close the Personalization Gap

Jeeng’s CEO, Jeff Kupietzky, recently got a new byline article published on ClickZ! In the article, he discusses 4 ways email can serve as a unique identifier and how it fuels the success of any MADtech solution.   

He started out explaining how it has become increasingly difficult to engage audiences online. Everyone is competing for the attention of consumers. Plus, audiences expect — now, more than even — highly curated and personalized digital experiences thanks to companies like Amazon and Netflix.

To respond to this challenge, there has been an increased emergence of AdTech and MarTech providers. In the article, Kupietzky addressed how finding a solution that combines the two — MADtech — can help publishers and brands build a more one-to-one relationship with their target audience over every channel.  Using a single, turnkey solution would allow marketers to:

  • Enhance audience engagement
  • Save time and resources
  • Personalize digital experiences for their audiences at every stage of the customer journey and on every channel.

But, as Kupietzky explained, a MADtech solution like this would require a unique identifier that would enable marketers to track a single user across those channels…

That unique identifier is a person’s email address.

Publishers can increase engagement and revenue in 5 ways

There are 4 ways Jeff says email enables MADtech:

  1. It is a treasure trove of data
  2. It is persistent across channels
  3. Email addresses are connected to actual people – not devices
  4. It offers monetization opportunities

Combining AdTech and MarTech into a comprehensive MADtech strategy is exactly what marketers need in order to develop the 1:1 personalization audiences expect across every touchpoint.

Want to see what else Kupietzky has to say about this? Read the full article here. 

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