March 17, 2016

The Missing Link in Your Multichannel Ad Offering

Offering multichannel advertising opportunities is a no-brainer for publishers looking to generate new revenue and give advertisers more bang for their buck.

Digital spending has become the clear budget leader, with mobile now consuming as much as half the digital budget. But, ironically, as publishers continue to feel the squeeze of declining print ad revenues, with digital hardly making up the deficit, many are surprisingly overlooking one of the most valuable monetization opportunities right under their own noses: email.

Virtually every single major publisher runs a sophisticated email program, from “In the New Issue” reminders to sweepstakes to partner programs. But, surprisingly few are monetizing these campaigns.

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not dead. In fact, Gartner has called it “one of the most efficient, effective and measurable ways to connect with customers, making it a priority for multichannel marketers.” Email’s scalability, cost-effectiveness, demand generation, brand engagement and drive toward digital commerce make it an ideal medium for engaging audiences and generating revenue.

So, why then are so many publishers leaving this critical channel out of their multichannel ad offerings? They already have a huge database of highly-qualified recipients, which is extremely valuable, and they’re already running campaigns. Why not monetize it?

Check out this video where I talk more about monetization:

With Jeeng, publishers easily embed content and create an entirely new channel on which to offer static and video advertisement spaces that drive added revenue. Even better, the system can virtually run itself, free of charge. Publishers can offset the cost of implementation by the ad revenue generated.

So, before patting yourself on the back too hard for your sophisticated multichannel ad offerings, ask yourself: is it truly multichannel if you’re leaving email out of the mix? Let us show you how delivering live, dynamic, multimedia content to readers can amplify your advertising revenue.