May 18, 2017

Why Relevant Content is Essential for Your Drip Campaign

There’s been a lot of buzz lately around drip campaigns. Even for people and businesses who consider themselves seasoned e-mail marketers, the whole automation thing can be a little daunting. At words that sound like they belong in the kitchen sink to the mix? Well it all just seems a little too crazy.

Whether we’re calling them “automated e-mails” or “drip e-mail campaigns” doesn’t change their bottom line: which is to maintain a certain level of engagement with the customer after sign up to a newsletter, new product, or new purchase of some type.

Merely e-mails that go out on a specific timeline, drip campaigns’ concept is simple—yet daunting for many. Sometimes these e-mails are even referred to as “behavioral emails,” as they’re tracking certain consumer behaviors among those in your list.

Drip campaigns, as mentioned above, are automated sets of emails that go out based on specific timelines or user actions. Drip marketing is all about giving people the right information at the right time. If someone just subscribed to your blog newsletter, for example, a drip campaign can immediately send a welcome email and two days after send an email that shows off some of your most-read content. Or if there’s a potential customer that went through all the steps to buy your product but exited your site just before pulling the trigger—well there’s a drip campaign for that too.

All technicalities aside, a common question about automated e-mail marketing is “won’t this annoy my subscribers?” Most proponents of Drip Campaigns generally say no, of course not—citing different consumer triggers as the basis for when e-mails are sent and the high conversion rates. But rarely is the actual content of these e-mails mentioned. In addition to possessing compelling as well as contextually specific subject lines, e-mail content in the series of e-mails must resonate.

Some believe that fresh content necessitates a great deal of time resources. Yes—this can be true—but new technology helps simplify the process. Web scrape, for example, can extract websites’ content. That content, in turn, is added into emails. This way information is never stale, and the content extraction process also has been automated.

The thing is, without dynamic, relevant content, your email recipients are unlikely to care. And in an age of dwindling attention spans, providing content integrations that rely less on text and more on videos, clickable surveys, or images that excite rather than bore is crucial to maintaining interest and losing one less subscriber.

Rather than telling your subscriber to hang on and navigate back to their shopping cart, or welcoming someone with simple text, why not include Auto play-on-open Video, moving images or content sliders? Make your CTAs pop with effects that are more than simple text with engaging content.

When it comes to Drip or any e-mail campaign, it’s always better to show—not tell.  Using Jeeng, you can dramatically improve your e-mail content, keeping it relevant and engaging every time. Contact us to learn just how easy it is get started today.