December 30, 2019

The Power of Push Notifications

With social media offering a less-than-stable solution for publishers to monetize their content (you can learn why here), publishers have begun turning to other channels out of necessity.

Email monetization proved an ideal channel to fill the gap and provide a way to connect with audiences since it’s a channel that publishers have complete control over. Plus, the methods for monetizing email newsletters tend to scale easily and require minimal effort and upkeep on the publisher’s side.

But, that’s not the only channel. Browser-based push notifications can be used as an additional avenue to reach customers in a way that’s instantaneous and non-intrusive. A recent study we conducted with Mantis Research, “How Adults Consume and Filter Information Online,” found that not only is Gen Z (also known as digital natives) open to receiving web-based push notifications, but around 75% of adults are open to seeing ads in these push notifications.

The caveat is that ads must be related to the publisher’s website content. Our CEO Jeff Kupietzky recently shared that “push notifications give the publisher control over frequency and content and the user control in that they can opt out if they choose not to consume it. But generally, we find that engagement rates are relatively high if the content is relevant to them.”

Check out this video where Jeff discusses the topic of messaging frequency:

There are many benefits to using push notifications, but I don’t want to spoil everything! We recently worked with AdMonsters to write this comprehensive piece on the value of push notifications, including what they are, best practices for using them, and how they can be a successful revenue channel for publishers.

Have a read and let us know what you think!

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