June 20, 2018

Top 5 AdTech Resources You Need to Know

Currently, companies rely on internet marketing and brand positioning, therefore, making it necessary for marketers to constantly adapt and improve their knowledge.

This helps them stay ahead of the latest trend, keep up-to-date on AdTech, and stay aligned with  advertising trend demands through a vast amount of trustworthy resources. Whether you like reading blogs or listening to podcasts, you should check out these five AdTech sources we’ve chosen for you to help you stay in the know.


Adweek is the leading source of news and information about the world of AdTech. First published in 1979, Their award-winning coverage reaches an engaged advertising audience of more than 6 million marketing professionals across online and offline platforms, as well as events, podcasts and mobile apps. Unlike other platforms that focus more exclusively on the technical side of online advertising, Adweek digs deeper in its exploration of cultural issues and highlights of the major players in advertising. Adweek proves beneficial to their audience due to their engaging webinars hosted by industry professionals and their jobs section that connects job seekers with excellent job opportunities with amazing companies.


Digiday’s section WTF is AdTech? Is probably the most trustworthy blog about advertising on the internet. The language is simple, effective, and a monumental resource. You can rely on their knowledge and the information provided is honest and up-to-date. Digiday connects with their audience through the web, email, podcasts, a quarterly magazine, a membership program, and at in-person events.


AdStage connects paid marketers to the data they need to analyze, automate, and report for their ad campaigns. They have a PPC Show Podcast, publishing new podcasts every 4 to 7 days with news and updates in the field of AdTech. Their podcast is a resource treasure for every marketer.

In the era of constant growth and technological innovation, AdTech marketers and advertisers are in need of a reliable source of news, and trends. AdStage delivers on those fronts.


This award-winning publication promulgates ideas related to the “ecosystem.” Involving the exchange of dialogue concerning digital advertising and marketing between publishers, agencies, technology companies, analysts, investors, just to name a few, AdExchanger is a unique space with a massive following. They also produce leading exclusive events for programmatic media in the tech hubs of New York City and San Francisco.


iab is amazing, with its sleek interface and bold mission to empower marketing, they will not disappoint. Stay connected for insights, news, guides, education, event news and a host of other opportunities. They want marketing to thrive in the real of digital economics. They report on industry status quo when it comes to native ads, programmatic, mobile advertising, brand building, video advertising digitally, and data. They also help publishers make transformations. They encourage responsible data collection and allow memberships for marketers so they can stay abreast of rules, regulations, and trends.

Understanding new advertising techniques and technological advancements are valuable assets because they help one better achieve their objectives. Opportunity and learning start from curiosity so the more your knowledge grows from reliable sources about AdTech, the better your results and skills will be when the time comes for creating campaigns and marketing analysis.