April 6, 2016

The Best Way to Use Email Marketing to Win More Customers

Social and mobile advertising have gotten a lot more attention than email marketing, lately, as marketers flock to these new platforms.

The problem is, both are very expensive, which makes them inaccessible on smaller budgets. And ultimately your audience (and the content they see) is controlled by the platforms themselves, not you – the advertiser.

Meanwhile, email is a tried-and-true channel that is reliably effective, generates killer ROI, and drives more conversions. Plus, it is a channel that is cost-efficient and you have complete control over!

Check out this video to learn more about why email is such an important channel:

The Benefits of Email Marketing

Despite some naysayers proclaiming the demise of email, email marketing remains hands-down the most effective marketing outreach tactic, particularly for retention and upselling.

Want proof?

Email marketing:

You can learn even more about why email is an crucial element in your monetization strategy, here.

It’s pretty clear that email is a great sales tool, but did you know you can also use this powerful channel to acquire new customers, too?

How to Win New Customers with Email Marketing

That’s where Jeeng can help. By participating in our advertising partner network, your ads can be directly embedded within millions of personalized emails distributed to subscribers every day. Because our recommended email content is relevant, precisely targeted and personalized based on each recipient’s unique demographics, click behavior, device and geographic location, these highly relevant emails command powerful audience attention.

Not only have recipients willingly subscribed to receive these emails (no spammy feel here!), but they also come from publishers and brands they know, love and trust, giving your advertising content a critical implied endorsement.

Learn more about the importance of conveyed trust in our ebook: “In Email We Trust”

Just how powerful can this level of personalized, targeted embedded email advertising be? Personalized email has proven to lift click-thru rates by an average of 14%, bump conversions by 10%, and deliver 6X higher transaction rates.

Perhaps even better, email marketing can enhance your engagement strategy.

Email subscribers are 3X more likely to share content via social media than visitors from other sources, giving your content an even wider audience when you combine email advertising with partner advertising on-site.

With all of this evidence pointing directly to email as the still-reigning champion of digital marketing, the question really becomes…why haven’t you started already?

Contact us today to see just how easy it is to drop your ads into our targeted ad network, and start reaching some of our 25+ million unique users each month.

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