July 1, 2020

6 Things Email and Push Notifications Have in Common

As social media platforms monopolize ad budgets and search hogs user data, there remain two channels that are ripe for driving engagement and revenue among audiences: email newsletters and browser-based push notifications.

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They may seem disconnected, but email and push notifications are alike in providing invaluable opportunities for companies to share their messaging and reach consumers on their favorite platforms — with content that matches their interests.

Here’s 6 ways how. 

1. They’re direct-to-consumer channels.

Both email and push notifications allow you to reach audiences directly, either in their inbox or on their desktop browser, where they’re already engaging with content and looking for new information. These channels deliver one-to-one connections that come right from you and aren’t curated by third-party newsfeeds or algorithms.

2. They provide opt-in content.

Consumers have to explicitly agree to receive email and push notifications. In this way, you know your messaging is going to those who’ve expressed a demonstrated interest in what you have to say, thus increasing high-quality leads and engagements. As Jeeng reports, 70% of your audience already subscribes to push notifications, helping you capture proven attention on this channel.

3. They provide increased opportunities for monetization.

Monetization doesn’t stop once users open their email or engage with push notifications. Yes, they can react to ads on these channels, but then they take it one step further: clicking through to your site where they can continue to drive impressions and revenue for your business. Even after that, you can collect data from their on-site activities and use that information to deliver better-targeted emails, notifications, advertising, and experiences that keep them coming back for more.

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4. They’re prime for hosting native ads.

Email templates can be customized to insert a range of display ads and native ads, through direct or programmatic sales. Push notifications work similarly, allowing brands and publishers to launch sponsored notifications that drive revenue from this opt-in channel that delivers content instantly. In fact, since push notifications are almost guaranteed to be seen, you can drive virtually 100% monetization from every impression. So whether you’re alerting consumers about new product launches, breaking news updates, or special offers, you can help brand partners reach them simultaneously and put more money towards your bottom line.

5. They’re curated to the user’s personal interests.

Email and push notifications deliver first-party data, enabling you to create unique segments of your owned audiences and personalized messaging that caters to their specific needs and behaviors. These content types can also be sent in real-time, so you can capture attention at just the right moment and serve up the content that will motivate consumers to act now — not whenever they happen to pass it in their social feed.

6. Where the power of email and push notifications meet

Start up your multichannel monetization strategy with Jeeng, which helps you deliver hyper-targeted content through email, push notifications, website ads, mobile news apps, and emerging channels where your audience is already active. The opportunities for driving revenue and engagement are out there. You just have to tap into them — and we can help.

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