March 26, 2018

What’s New (or Not So New) in Email Monetization?

The past few years have been very fruitful for email marketing. Not only is it still the cheapest way to  successfully reach your target audience but it’s also the most effective. Having absolute freedom in creative formats, length and content in general, companies are open to create emails that are more technologically sophisticated, visually rich and engaging. Focusing not just on growing target audiences but on improving their design, companies are also looking for effective monetization strategies. Below are five email monetization trends that you you should definitely be focusing on throughout the year.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is getting bigger and bigger on the web. In fact, native ads even pervade email campaigns and are becoming a much bigger component of newsletter monetization. Some of the publishers that have already used native ads in their email newsletters are Huffington Post, SignUpGenius, and Hearst.

Short-term Exclusivity

This trend is fairly new but it is extremely effective. Deliver highly targeted, exclusive ad content to an email that you are already sending. Advertisers see this as a win-win because they are gaining access to a high-value, captive audience. These exclusive emails will easily become a weekly, if not daily, staple in your monetization arsenal because they are so easy to create and send.

Premium Content

Content is still (and likely always will be) king. Creating valuable, interesting and everlasting content is still a great way to sell your services or product through email. If you are an established authority or you’re an expert in a certain niche or field, you can share your knowledge through premium content newsletters for leads who are willing to pay for it. One thing to keep in mind though – that this can sometimes be a tough sell when so many other publications are available for free.

Replay Promotions

Was one of your previous email campaigns wildly popular? Well then, do it again. Check old email campaigns and replay promotions that did really well. People perk up at the sight of special promotions, so why not leverage that and make money instantly. But definitely don’t overdo it because you don’t want to turn your subscribers off. So, be sure to limit them to a couple of times a year.

Affiliate Links

An affiliate program is another straightforward way to monetize newsletters. This option is not new but it’s trending more now than ever. If you are a blogger, Instagram influencer or have a small email list, this is a great strategy where you say “let’s both earn money.” This trend is a perfect solution for all sides, since it encourages readers to spread the word.

As we all know – email is most certainly not dead! In fact, email continues to be one of the most effective ways to convert site visitors into loyal subscribers and eventually paying customers. Need a little help monetizing emails you are already sending? Get in touch and Jeeng will get you up and running and earning revenue today!