In App/Site MessagingSent At The Right Moment

Send messages to users in real time based on their interests and engagement.

Increase Revenue

Push traffic towards purchases by showing relevant content.

Expose Editor’s Choice

Drive users to certain pages based on their profile, maximizing exposure for selected content.

In App/Site Communication

Communicate to users whatever message you want in real time.


Content Analysis

Our AI knows how to analyze and understand your content as soon as it’s published.

Smart Profiling

We create profiles based on user engagement. Our AI analyzes user behavior to match content to interests.

Rule Based

Create pinpoint rules to trigger messages based on certain events and profiles. Or let our AI create rules based on your users.

Advanced Dashboard

Our dashboard is extremely user friendly, whether you want to send a manual notification or read a report, everything is done with a click of the button.

Real-Time Performance Reports

Comprehensive reports give you all the information you need to know regarding your web push activity.

Supported Browsers

Jeeng is fully functional on all the major browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.

API Integrations

Enrich profiles by integrating to your CRM & DMP solutions, feeding Jeeng’s AI with even more data.

Custom Design

Design your own notification look and feel.