Jeeng Push

Compelling push notifications that pull people in.

Jeeng’s exclusive algorithm gets to know your subscribers and automatically curates, configures, and pushes out the precise content at the most appropriate time to boost response. You decide how much or how little hands-on configuration you want.

Introducing Jeengage® The algorithm that sets us apart.

Don’t just take our word for it. Let us show you how the Jeengage algorithm evaluates your content and then sends the right content to the right person, on the right channel and at the right time.

  • One line of code

    That’s all it takes! Copy and paste and Jeengage does the rest.

  • Instant AI

    Jeengage delivers interest and intent all rolled up into one recommendation engine.

Look who’s using Jeeng to bring their audiences back!

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Jeeng Push messaging pulls them back in.

When it comes to push notifications, unique content attracts attention from subscribers, which, in turn, leads to increased clicks. To engage customers, marketers have to create interesting campaign concepts, events, and offers for users.

Publishers simply add one line of code. It’s that easy.
Jeengage® gets to work analyzing content across your library.
Jeengage® creates a personalized reader interest graph for the user.
Jeeng automatically chooses and sends personalized content to users.
Improve your engagement performance and revenue bottomline automatically.

Publishers get a full-service push notification platform

With breaking news alerts and relevant articles that reach subscribers even when they’re not on your site, our full-service platform keeps your users coming back. Drive engagement and page views, and even create a whole new revenue stream with our built-in monetization options.

  • Less Stress, More Success

    Reduces workload, saves time, and lowers cost while increasing click-thru rates with relevant, personalized content.

  • Gives Them the Content They Want

    Lets you send more, high-quality, relevant content more frequently—because it’s what subscribers want.

  • Campaigns That Pay for Themselves

    Pricing is based on a monthly SAAS model with an ability to opt in to our monetization services.

Push Ads with AdServe.

AdServe for Push enables publishers to easily monetize this fast-growing channel using existing ad inventory directly from GAM, extending their direct-sold campaigns to create a valuable new revenue stream with set-it-and-forget-it ease.

Let Jeff explain. He’s not too pushy.

Push notifications are quick, creative and actionable—perfect for driving user engagement and stickiness.

How can we help bring your audience back?