August 16, 2022

A New Era of Native: How the Jeeng Renderer Transforms Email Advertising

Native email ads are now easier to launch and customize than ever before.

Usually, running native email ads requires a lot of time and hard coding. And even then, your ads might not match their surrounding content — defeating the whole purpose of native campaigns.

Enter Jeeng Renderer: the first automated solution that lets you deliver customized native email ads without the hard coding and headache. With Jeeng Renderer, publishers can now run native email campaigns directly through their existing Google Ad Manager (GAM) accounts, saving time and delivering better results. In fact, Renderer also customizes your ads to match newsletter fonts, styles, and CTAs.

This is especially important now that email has become a priority for many publishers and advertisers. According to a 2022 study from Jeeng and Mantis Research, a growing number of people are checking their email every day and paying for subscriptions. And consumers say email is their number one marketing channel for driving purchasing decisions. Meanwhile native ads generate 50% higher purchase intent compared to traditional online ads.

So, are you ready to increase engagement and revenue with high-quality native email ads?

Here’s what you need to know about the new Jeeng Renderer.

Out with the old: Hard coding? Hard pass

Publishers across the web use GAM to manage ads across channels like websites, mobile apps, videos, and games.

Still, there’s been one very important channel missing: Email.

That means, if publishers wanted to launch native email ads, they had two not-so-great options:

  • Manually hard code ads into the email templates themselves, wasting time and risking human error
  • Use a separate email ad server to deliver ads, making billing,  tracking performance and

reporting way more complex

The truth is, no one should have to work that hard to launch native email ads — one of the most powerful ad formats on the web today. That’s why Jeeng integrated with GAM to take native email advertising to the next level.

In with the new: A native ad “GAM” changer

One of publishers’ biggest data challenges is breaking down silos between teams.

The new Jeeng Renderer makes creating native email ads a breeze.

This game-changing tool lets you run native ad campaigns directly through your GAM account, saving you time and money. That means no hard-coding, no human errors, and no need for multiple quality assurance tests. You can just pick your customized templates and let Jeeng Renderer do the rest.

After all, we know how important it is for native ads to match their surroundings. It’s the whole reason native ads exist in the first place. That’s why we’ll render ads that automatically mirror the fonts, spacing, color, and copy of each newsletter. So you can deliver seamless, personalized, truly native experiences to your audiences. And once you run those native ads, you can save even more time by tracking performance directly within GAM, giving your team real-time access to the data they need.

For example, here’s how two native ads might look alongside organic content within an email newsletter:

Jeeng Renderer in action: Better results in half the time

Observer Media used to monetize its email newsletters with display ads. Since their email ad provider didn’t offer automation, the publisher had to manually copy and paste image files, text, and hyperlinks to build their ads. Naturally, this took a great deal of time and made a lot of room for human error.

That’s when Observer found Jeeng’s fully automated native ad solution. With Jeeng Renderer, the publisher was able to create custom templates for on-brand native ads that blend seamlessly into each newsletter. Plus, they saved valuable time by pulling creatives directly from GAM.

As a result, Observer Media now delivers email ads in half the time, saving the team roughly 20 hours a week and reducing the risk of errors.

“Now, our team can devote that time to other more creative endeavors to increase performance,” said Jordan Lovinger, newsletter product manager with Observer Media. “We’ve already seen increased impressions, click-thru rates and RPM, no doubt a result of the ads appearing more seamless within our newsletter.”

How it works

So, you want to run customizable native ads in your email newsletters. Here’s how you can you make it happen with Jeeng Renderer

  • Jeeng creates the new GAM-friendly ad template according to your needs and specs or you can use one of three  pre-made templates
  • Upload the new template to your GAM account 
  • Choose that template when importing new campaign creatives
  • Customize the template by filling in the available fields
  • Pick your desired ad size or sizes (you can now run multiple IAB ad sizes)
  • Run the ad — once someone opens your email, Jeeng will pull from GAM to fill the open ad slots
  • Track, manage, and optimize ad performance directly from GAM

Join the new era of native email advertising

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