August 30, 2020

4 Tips for Publishers to Run Native Ads in Email from Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager is widely used by publishers to manage ads and drive revenue from their content. In many ways, it’s a one-stop-shop for your ad selling needs — supporting a range of ad formats and sizes to help you get the most bang for your buck.

The question is: Does the fun end there?

The answer: Nope!

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Email is a channel that’s loved by consumers but often underutilized as a revenue source. Publishers have a valuable opportunity to run native ads in email from their Google Ad Manager.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss exactly why — and how — you should do it.

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Let’s get started.

Why you should integrate Google Ad Manager with email 

There are plenty of reasons to run native ads in email from Google Ad Manager. 

Here are the 3 big ones:

1. Earn valuable trust.

It’s simple. Consumers trust email. And in an age where trust is dwindling due to data privacy concerns and fake news, that’s crucial. 

As we found in our recent industry survey, online-only media earns a trust rating of just 55%, and only 34% trust social media as a news source. Email subscribers, on the other hand, say trust is the #1 reason they sign up for publisher newsletters. They know what they’re getting into and they know personalized content will be coming straight to their inbox.

2. Make the most of your budget. 

We get it. Sometimes your monthly budget runs out on Google Ad Manager but you still want to sell ads. Jeeng can help — providing the backfill you need to keep revenue coming in through email monetization.

3. Diversify revenue streams. 

Publishers are realizing they need to go beyond the walled gardens and tricky algorithms of social platforms, and start expanding their revenue generation strategy. This not only helps them increase their income, but it also gives them more control over their ad-selling, targeting, and data collection.

How to run native ads in email through Google Ad Manager

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Use this step-by-step guide outlining how you can run native ads in email:

1. Generate email ad inventory

Just as you would create ad slots for your website on Google Ad Manager, you can create inventory for emails.

In this case, we’re talking about native ads, which blend in with the surrounding content of your email, providing a more intuitive and engaging reader experience.

Say you launch a newsletter featuring teasers of your most popular articles each month, for examples. You might feature an ad unit among that list of articles, using the same layout and font as your teasers.

2. Build tags for your email HTML template

Don’t worry — you don’t have to do this part. This is where Jeeng comes in. As the only email ad server solution on the market that integrates directly with Google Ad Manager, we can easily create the tags (or snippets of code) you need and place them in your email templates. So once someone opens your email, Jeeng makes a call to Google Ad Manager through the tag and collects all the assets for the creative. We then return that creative to your email using our native renderer.

Read more about native rendering here

A helpful note: Our tag is also dynamic, allowing for multiple creatives or line items to be trafficked at one time. This capability also lets Jeeng demand fill in when inventory goes unsold — so you never miss an opportunity to generate revenue.

3. Create line items in Google Ad Manager

You’re used to this part. In Google Ad Manager, you always create orders and line items for each ad transaction. You’ll do the same here — just in response to requests for your new email ads. Just fill out a title and description, and upload an image for your native campaign.

4. Monitor campaign performance

As usual, you can check your reports and track ad analytics right within Google Ad Manager. Their platform monitors your benchmarks and suggests opportunities to increase revenue by making simple tweaks to your campaigns. You can even run forecasting to get data-backed predictions about how certain ads will perform across target audiences.

Examples of native email ads done right

Still need a little inspiration for going through this process? We’ve got you covered. Check out these success stories of publishers that run native ads in email the right way — and easily:

The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times was running web ads through Google Ad Manager and email ads through another platform. But they ended up wasting a lot of time reconciling reports for programmatic revenue and trying to make the numbers match. They knew it was time to consolidate these two systems. 

Once they started working with Jeeng AdServe, they saw improved accuracy and efficiency, with all of their traffic and reporting coming from one place.

Salem Web Network

Salem Web Network reaches over 17 million email subscribers across its 20+ global brands for faith-related content. Still, they weren’t seeing the returns they wanted from their email ads. So they started working with Jeeng to place ads in their newsletters that went unsold by their direct sales team.

With Jeeng AdServe, the publisher was even able to sync up their budgets, targeting, and attacking across email and web ads, delivering a higher yield and fill rate — without the hassle.

Power up your email monetization

If you want to run native ads in email, it doesn’t have to be a headache. In fact, it can be simple, automated, and easy — and integrated with the web ads you’re already selling.

Jeeng’s direct integration with Google Ad Manager makes it easier than ever for you to manage ads across web and email, with dynamic tags and comprehensive reporting built in. Our network also has a 100% fill rate for when inventory goes unsold, so you can keep driving revenue even when your budget runs out.

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