August 30, 2022

Email Monetization Roundup: 7 Go-To Resources for Publishers

Email advertising should be top of mind for any publisher that wants to increase revenue.

More than ever, people are turning to email for real-time news, personalized content, and paid subscription offerings. That leaves publishers with a major opportunity: monetize those engaged audiences with dynamic email ads that match their interests.

To help you do just that, we’ve collected the top email advertising resources — from data-backed studies and best practices to rendering tools and key metrics.

With these insights at your fingertips, you’ll be able to launch or level up your email ad operation — and start reaping the benefits of email monetization.

Let’s take a look.

1. The Most Important Email Marketing Metrics to Drive Engagement

Email marketing metrics don’t look like they used to. With Apple launching new privacy features and Google disabling third-party cookies, publishers have to rethink how they measure email ad performance. 

They’ll also have to ask themselves questions like: are open rates now obsolete? How can I track customers while being privacy-safe? Which metrics have the most impact on revenue? This article has the answers.

2. A New Era of Native: How the Jeeng Renderer Transforms Email Advertising

Launching native email ads have never been easier. No more hard coding and manual tasks to bog you down. With the new Jeeng Renderer, publishers can automatically deliver customized native ads to their email audiences.

You can even run campaigns directly through your existing Google Ad Manager (GAM) account — helping you save time and optimize results. All you have to do is upload our template to your GAM account and choose your desired fields. Jeeng Renderer will take care of the rest.

3. What To Look for in an Email Monetization Platform

Choosing a monetization platform can make or break your email ad operation. In this guide, we outline the seven most important features of a comprehensive, full-service email monetization platform. (And no, a platform that “personalizes” subject lines with “Hi <Firstname>” doesn’t count.) So, if you’re in the market for a more advanced email advertising partner, use this checklist to find the right solution for your business goals.

4. The 5 Most Effective Types of Email Advertising

This article is technically for email advertisers. But it can also help publishers understand what kinds of placements buyers are looking for — and how to diversify their email ad offerings for increased revenue. In this piece, we unpack the top five email ad formats, including display ads, text ads, native ads, sponsored email ads, and dedicated emails.

5. The Quick Guide to Native Ads in Email Newsletters

Native advertising is one of the most flexible and effective ad formats available to publishers. Since native ads match the form of their surrounding content, they help create more intuitive and less disruptive experiences for subscribers. That’s why native ad spend is increasing across the web.

So, need a refresher on how and why to run native ads in email? That’s just what this quick guide is for.

6. Jeeng & Digiday Study: The State of Personalization in Email Marketing

According to this new survey, roughly half of publishers are monetizing email in 2022 with ads, affiliate marketing, and paid subscriptions. Jeeng and Digiday teamed up to find out what those personalization efforts look like and how they’ll evolve going forward.

“Email is the only place that publishers can control the relationship with their end user,” said Jeff Kupietzky, chief executive officer at Jeeng. “So if they don’t have an aggressive program, they’re missing out on the best way to actually build and understand their own audience.”

7. The Top 3 Personalized Email Marketing Best Practices

As the email inbox becomes more crowded, publishers need all the tools and tips they can get to stand out from the noise and grab people’s attention. Otherwise, they risk ending up in the Trash or Spam folder.

That’s where these email personalization best practices come in. Jeeng found that 42% of people who subscribe to an online publisher do so because they want personalized content. And you can use these tips to meet subscribers with the experiences they crave.

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