May 24, 2022

The Top 4 Best Practices to Monetize Your Email List Today

The topic of email monetization is a hot one. It seems the age-old question for a myriad of publishers is this:

How to make money off subscribers without scaring them away?

The attention of your email subscribers is considerably greater than their existing monetary value to you. In essence, monetizing your email list is much like the California Gold Rush in the mid-19th century: you’re sitting on a revenue gold mine and just need to exploit it effectively.

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What are the biggest challenges for publishers

There are two main obstacles when it comes to email monetization


There is no one exact recipe for getting paid from email campaigns. In fact, there are so many variables and so much competition. Publishers need to send emails at the right time, from the right email address to the right inboxes. It needs to come from the right channel and to the right person with the right message, in order to engage audiences so they will take a desired action. Even the desired action has a range: is the email for posterity (to be seen, liked and shared)? To get the reader to click an ad or to pay for content or goods?  It’s a fierce world out there! 

Resource shortages

Now as we better understand the variables that comprise email monetization, we see that knowledge, time and experienced staff are the ingredients for success. All of these best practices require time to draft, test, and send. And repeat. In-house marketing specialists generally have a hefty workload that prohibits full dedication for this important task; they might lack the total expertise and attention to detail that this necessitates. Moreover, it gets costly to train for and commit to this endeavor. Simply put, many publishers don’t have the financial resources to execute a solid in-house email monetization strategy. 

How to Monetize Email Lists

Naturally, there are different ways to monetize your email list. Here are some of the best ways to make money:

Monetize with ads

To get started, the simplest and arguably the best way to get the most bang for your buck, a well-designed newsletter will have plenty of room for monetization through ads. One under-reported aspect of email ads is they’re not labeled and treated as spam so why wouldn’t you take advantage of targeted ads to deliver a more personal experience? From the metric side of view, email ads can boost click-through rates because people tend to respond more to content that’s relevant to them.

The thing is, advertisers won’t be automatically attracted to your site so you need to reach out to them. In addition, if you’re juggling multiple advertisers (as you should) to effectively target different segments of your audience with different campaigns, you’re making it harder to manage and maintain the effort.

In that respect, you can use a trusted email list monetization solution such as Jeeng to give your audience a highly relevant experience through real-time personalization and dynamic subscriber engagement. The process becomes much easier through a simple setup and management that comes with accurate tracking and CPM billing to drive revenue. Each of your email campaigns is open to delivering hyper-targeted content that boosts subscriber engagement by providing more value. The ads are chosen based on the information gathered about the customer so each time they open the email, a different ad is shown to maximize value.

In the image below, you can see the ad by The Washington Post, relating to a topic that’s very much in line with the content Smithsonian Institution produces, as the world’s largest museum and research complex.

Smithsonian Institution

Solo ads in newsletters can be tricky if you aren’t sure how to make them work. Hence, it’s imperative to choose the right partner, preferably one who works smoothly with all platforms, devices, and ESPs, offers seamless ad placement in a variety of engaging formats, and a robust and trusted advertiser network that can generate email revenue with relevant and personalized ad content (even backfill unfilled ad space) to make money from your email on every send.

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Paid subscription model for premium content

If you’re wary of ads in newsletters, one of the best ways to monetize is by creating premium content for your subscribers and charge it on a timely basis. The greatest challenge fellow publishers face with this email marketing monetization model is providing their subscribers something of value they can’t get anywhere else. Providing a sneak peek of the premium content in your email newsletter can increase the number of your paid subscribers. However, make sure you have enough freebies to establish yourself as an expert. If you aren’t confident you can pull it off, it’s best to avoid this due to the high risk of subscriber defection.

Sell your stuff

You can always sell something, particularly if you develop a quality product or service internally. Feel free to mention these solo ads in your newsletter, whether it’s an announcement, launch date, a reminder, special sale and so on. Just be careful of email fatigue — your readers are there for the content you deliver, not sales pitches.

Affiliate marketing

Instead of selling your own products and services, another way to monetize is to go the affiliate route: sell someone else’s products and service and get a commission. Affiliate marketing is a long-standing practice where the key is to choose brands that will appeal to your audience (in other words, cross-sell products and services they will likely buy).

4 Steps to Make Money with Your Email List

Once you settle for your preferred email list monetization method, you need to make some changes to keep the momentum going and improve your email marketing strategy.

1. Uncover best times to send with analytics

Sure, the number of your subscribers matters, both to prospective advertisers and in terms of overall monetary value. However, what matters more are open and click-through rates. These metrics paint a full picture when it comes to email list monetization, particularly in relation to the most effective times to send. By measuring open rates and clicks on a daily basis, publishers can organize their emails to go out at the exact times that yield the best results (most likely to be opened and engaged with). A small word of advice: don’t neglect the already proven send times like holidays, anniversaries, and other important dates.

2. Segment for more precise targeting

One thing you can do to improve your email monetization is to segment your email list. This will give you a clearer idea of customers who have better open and click rates, something you need to know to monetize an email. Those email addresses help you get to know your email subscribers and segment email according to audience demographics, open rates, interest in different content and products, past behavior, etc. By narrowing your focus and sending emails to segmented groups, your subscribers will find your email content more relevant, delivering better results because emails target recipients truly interested in them.

3. Offer native ads

Much of the success of ad-based email advertising can be attributed to native advertising. As their presence is getting bigger and bigger, native ads in newsletters are also getting easier to sell with the automated and programmatic process behind it. While the form of sponsored articles is the most common (hint: the first image here), native advertising provides publishers with options like content recommendation blocks (as you’ll see in the image below) and custom in-feed placements for various advertisers. Add in the fact that these types of ads greatly resemble organic editorial content and it’s no wonder companies like Huffington Post, Hearst, and Buzzfeed frequently use native ads as a way to monetize in their email newsletters.

email monetization - native ads

4. Test for best performance

Last but certainly not least, the importance of testing should never be underestimated, even by the more experienced publishers. In a way, you’ve already done some qualification: your email lists are filled with people who want to receive emails from you. To avoid the risk of alienating your subscribers, it’s critical to run A/B tests when trying out new things for your email campaigns.

Email campaigns and newsletters can be a great way to get repeat business, as well as new customers. You’re already working with a somewhat pre-qualified base: these people have said they want to receive information from you. And a lot of them have likely already done business with you. And we all know it’s easier and cheaper to retain customers than it is to get new ones. Improving conversion rates by testing different elements like layout, body text, images, specific offers, CTAs and else can make a big difference in making money.

The Future of Email Monetization 

We mentioned that there are significant challenges that publishers face and ways they can improve their email campaigns. There are many moving parts, but there also is some good news. Email monetization is heading in a great direction, thanks to AI. This technology will help publishers automatically send curated email messages to their subscribers based on first party data. All it takes is a smart tool utilizing a complex algorithm to get to know subscribers, that pulls content directly from existing inventory and sends the perfect email for that subscriber.

Many publishers will turn to messaging platforms with built-in monetization capabilities. According to this case study, using an automated platform can increase ad trafficking efficiency by 75%. The built-in capabilities allow marketers to spend more time tracking campaigns and accelerating the entire job. What at one time was a long, drawn-out creative and technical process is now a speedy, efficient process built for earnings and growth. Just like that! 

Thanks, AI!

You Can Monetize Your Email List Today

Email is a critical channel for online business in terms of customer engagement and monetizing subscriber lists requires a delicate touch. You want to make sure it’s more of a supplement to your content rather than the central focus of your email. In monetizing your email list, the balance between maximal revenue and your subscriber’s perceived value can be achieved by choosing the right solution such as Jeeng that offers a complete package to monetize email lists. That way, you’re positioning yourself on track to achieve your top priority: increased revenue.

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