November 18, 2021

Top 7 Things Advertisers can be Thankful for in 2021 and Beyond

While 2021 had its hardships, there are certainly successes to celebrate especially when considering how tech has improved our lives. This Thanksgiving, we sit around the table to take stock of what has worked in our favor and notice what we’ve gained from tech.

As advertisers, it’s become a competitive world. But with competition comes the opportunity to grow and reach more users. And thanks to tech, it’s not as hard as it seems. 

Let’s get on with the gratitude and set the stage for an even better 2022! Here are 7 new developments that advertisers can be thankful for in 2021 and beyond:

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence’s time-saving and customization abilities have enabled advertisers to deliver relevant ads to people based on their preferences. With AI, users get an ad tailored to their interests, rather than all users getting the same ad. What’s great about this is that users get what they want to see without advertisers having to do crazy amounts of work — AI does it for them. With AI, ads yield more clicks and revenue with less stress.

2. Geotargeting 

Like AI, geotargeting allows advertisers to customize campaigns based on precise locations. These location and time-zone specific campaigns grant more facetime to suitable and relevant ads to the right audience at the right time. Ad personalization increases engagement, improves trust and provides a greater ROI for publishers and advertisers.

3. Multichannel messaging 

With a more engaged audience, publishers can advertise across multiple platforms to give their users a full experience. Multichannel messaging includes emails, websites, push notifications, apps, social media, text message and more. With so many channels, there are vast opportunities to get in touch with your users and stay connected in the way that best suits them. 

4. Technology for multichannel campaigns 

Multichannel messaging may sound daunting, but in 2021, it got easier with platforms like Jeeng that use highly successful technology to engage with audiences across channels. In one platform, Jeeng’s automated solution facilitates the ways to learn about your audience and create customized campaigns across platforms to give them what they want. 

5. Opt-in push notification and email subscribers

Be thankful you have people who have actively chosen to receive your emails and/or push notifications. They have signed up to get your content, so they want to hear from you and remain part of your engaged audience. Also since they are already part of your fanbase, you don’t have to fight as hard for their attention. Big points for that! 

6. First-party data

With the end of third-party cookies, publishers who invest in a first-party data strategy will gain the ability to track and target audiences while protecting consumer data and privacy. The best part is that they no longer need to rely on data from other companies or social media. Now you have the opportunity to build a direct relationship with your users. Not only is first-party data more accurate and transparent, it is cost effective and enables greater personalization since you can now segment your audiences based on interests, preferences and behaviors.

7. Platforms that connect advertisers with relevant publishers 

These technologies benefit advertisers by getting ad placements on relevant publisher websites or emails. These platforms, like Jeeng, save time and increase engagement and revenue by uniting advertisers with hundreds of publishers in one click. They cut out the legwork for advertisers, so they don’t need to search for ad placements. Because of the simplicity, it’s definitely a win! 

What else are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? To learn more about using multichannel messaging, first-party data, and all the cool ways tech can improve your advertising efforts, contact Jeeng for a free consultation today!

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