May 18, 2022

How Brands Can Find Emails to Advertise In

So, you know you need to launch ads in emails. (If you don’t, click here for a refresher!) Now you just need to know how to make that happen. 

Meaning, you have to find the right emails in which to place your ads — so you can reach interested, target audiences across trusted publisher newsletters.

Especially now that publishers have seen a 2X increase in email readership and almost 70% of consumers say they will click on an email newsletter ad if it’s personalized to their interests, advertisers need to step up to the plate. That is, they have to embrace this opportunity to invest in email advertising and get in front of these opt-in subscribers.

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With that in mind, let’s look at the different ways brands can find the right newsletters for their email ads.

Send their own email newsletters

Want to get started with email advertising but not sure which publishers to partner with? Be your own brand publisher! This way, you can reach a built-in community of email subscribers with marketing content as well as promotional ads.

Once you’ve created your own email operation, you can even monetize your newsletters with ads from other brands to increase profit. 

Just look at 8coupons, an e-commerce site for local deals across the U.S. The brand runs its own email newsletters to help subscribers find the best offers for their interests. But, wanting to add a new revenue stream and further personalize experiences, 8coupons started monetizing those emails with above-the-fold ad placements. As a result, the 8coupons generated more revenue and higher click-through rates.

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Build direct relationships with publishers

If you’d like to choose your distribution partners a la carte, you can build direct, one-on-one relationships with publishers. You’ll want to find media outlets with engaged audiences who will be interested in what you have to offer. A furniture retailer, for example, might partner with a home decor publisher, so they know they’ll be reaching the right people with relevant and personalized messaging.

Just remember that — while this strategy can help you thoroughly vet publishers for your email ad campaigns — it’s also time-consuming. Manually sourcing and managing publisher relationships can drain resources and make scaling difficult.

Work with ad networks

Just like you might use an ad network to programmatically deliver ads across publisher websites, you can use an ad network to distribute your ads via email.

With an email ad network, you can save the headache of manually picking publisher partners and automate this process instead. The right ad network will use data and algorithms to match you with relevant publishers, target ads to interested audiences, and measure campaign performance.

Partner with Jeeng

Not just another ad network, Jeeng uses artificial intelligence and real-time targeting to pair advertisers with the perfect publishing partners — helping you unlock a new revenue stream right in the inbox.

Use Jeeng AdMarket to tap into our network of premium, trusted publishers to reach opt-in subscribers across email newsletter verticals and global demographics — from the US and UK to AU, NZ, Latin America, and more. You can even sync your Google Ad Manager campaigns with ours thanks to Jeeng’s integration with GAM, so your hard-earned data and creative assets can seamlessly make their way into the email channel.

Basically, our publishers are ready and waiting to host your ads in their emails. The question now is: Are you ready to start generating engagement and revenue?

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