October 4, 2021

6 Steller Steps for Success with Push Notifications

Push notifications have become the hottest new channel in audience engagement. For publishers looking to capture an authentic 1-to-1 relationship with their audiences, push messaging effectively engages subscribers and drives traffic back to the site.

These are just some of the many benefits to build push notifications into your marketing and advertising strategies. 

This recent study found that 72% of online users opt-in to push notifications, and publishers see over 20% of subscribers engaging with their notifications. Thanks to push messaging, subscribers become more engaged, ultimately increasing advertising revenue. That’s incredibly valuable now that social media sites are making it increasingly more difficult to reach customers directly. Digital audiences crave quick “snackable” content that feeds them with highly relevant, short content that serves them.  And that’s what push notifications are all about. 

Publishers using push notifications benefit from a unique audience relationship while still controlling what their subscribers see. The coolest part of push notifications is that they have an immediate effect. Unlike email or social media, push notifications stay current. A push message shows up for users even if they aren’t actually on your site or app. This is the ideal channel for relevant, breaking-news style alerts that capture users and quickly get them back into your site or app. 

With so much potential, it’s important to regard push notifications as an essential element in your marketing and advertising strategy. Here are six best practices to get your push notification program into full gear so your publication can start increasing revenue.  

1. Treat push as a new channel 

Yes, we just said push notifications are a must for a successful digital campaign. But that doesn’t mean you should just plop some content up there and click “start” on those push campaigns. They need to be carefully crafted and thoughtfully designed in order to capture new users. Don’t treat push messages as an add-on, but rather as an amplifier that can make thousands in monthly revenue. This may mean you’ll need to test messages before you get your strategy just right unless you use an automation tool to help you out.

2. Mix it up

Here’s your chance to get creative. Push notifications are generally bite-sized messages, but that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. Use media, like rich text, images and videos, to tell your company story and attract users back to your site. Offer cool deals or interesting factoids to pique their interests. Using a modest amount of emojis can go a long way, too  😉

3. Get personal 

When writing your push notifications, it’s helpful to know what your audience is interested in because consumers want ad personalization. You’ll want separate campaigns for sports fans versus for gardening gurus, updating each audience on the top news or best deals for their niche. For better results, leverage first-party user data to make sure the right person is getting the right message at the right time. You can even include a first name, or specific location, depending on what kind of data you have available. Because you want to drive sales, you want to help people by offering products and services that meet their needs and interests. 

4. Don’t be spammy 

Customers can sniff out spam, and that’s all it takes for them to click “opt out.” Don’t be like those organizations that have abused push messages. Strike the balance between being non-intrusive, but forthcoming and helpful. You want to keep the eye on the prize — engaging audiences with personalized and meaningful content to get them turning to you! 

5. Timing is everything 

It doesn’t make sense to send someone a push notification in the middle of the night! In our digital world, we’re interconnected across time zones and diverse markets. Time it right, accounting for time zones, holidays, and important dates, all catered to specific audiences. 

6. Automate, automate, automate

Marketing and ad managers have so much on their plates. The last thing you need is another campaign to manage. That’s why automation is essential for push notifications. Think about it: it’s virtually impossible to send personalized notifications to every subscriber. Consider including a push automation solution to your tech tools so you can leverage this new channel to the fullest, without stress. 

Built specifically for publishers, Jeeng aims to help you grow engagement, drive traffic, and increase revenue. Jeeng gives you a complete, automated solution that learns about your audience, what makes them tick, and customizes messaging to give them what they want. Using a unique and smart algorithm, our system excels in content curation, getting more effective each time. 

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